This assignment is not to be done as a group. Feel free to consult one another on your approaches, but do your own work.


We are going to explore the artistic side of software engineering! To do this, we need a sample application to model. The good news is that there are sample applications everywhere as long as you are willing to use your imagination to come up with a theory on how various applications function under the hood.

Have you created a reddit account before? Navigate there in a private/incognito window and press the sign up button on the top right corner of the website. You will be prompted with an email address field, but you can just press the next button.

Signup Step 1
Figure 1. Skip the email entry field (or not?)
Signup Step 1
Figure 2. Optionally select some default communities
Signup Step 1
Figure 3. Select a username and password, not you get some suggestions

Note each piece of data that the website is presenting to you. Note also the operations that you as a user may be able to perform for each step.

You should also observe the "submit new link" workflow in the same manner.

Submit new link


You will create three diagrams of differing types to illustrate the dataflow and workflow for each these two processes. That’s six total. Use your imagination if you do not know or completely understand the underlying process, but it should be reasonable to come up with the various inputs and outputs that the user can experience.


Feel free to research your own tools. These are not the only ones that exist!

Turn in

  1. Use canvas assignments to turn the assignment in.

  2. Attach six diagrams in any common image or PDF format. (You may zip them)